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Journal Papers
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A Moving Window Numerical Distance Protection Based on Flat-Top Signal Windowing March 2022
A novel strategy based on group method of data handling neural network for detection of inrush current and preventing the mal-operation of the differential relay April 2022
Comprehensive power swing detection by current signal modeling and prediction using the GMDH method December 2021
Optimal operation and scheduling of residential energy hubs simultaneously considering optimal sizing of heat storage and battery storage systems December 2021
Presenting New Triple Methods for Fault Detection, Location, and Its Identification in DC Microgrid June 2020
Decentralized Adaptive Protection Coordination Based on Agents Social Activities for Microgrids With Topological and Operational Uncertainties October 2020
A New Inrush Current Detection Method Based on Current Lissajous Figure January 2020
Power swing detection and blocking of the third zone of distance relays by the combined use of empirical‐mode decomposition and Hilbert transform March 2020
An Adaptive Protection Scheme for Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation Sources in Various Operational Modes March 2020
A new power swing detection method based on Hilbert Transform May 2020
Detection of power swing and blocking the third zone of distance relay using the norm calculation of the current sampled data January 2019
Allocation of Distributed Energy Resources for Microgrid Optimal Scheduling Considering Uncertainty December 2019
Detection of power oscillation and simultaneous faults using Clark transform September 2019
Presenting a new method for charging and discharging PHEVs for improving in electrical parameters of the network September 2019
Improving adaptive protection to reduce sensitivity to uncertainties which affect protection coordination of microgrids March 2018
A Decision-Tree Scheme for Responding to Uncertainties in Microgrid Protection Coordination March 2018
Optimal Placement and Sizing of Fault Current Limiters in Distributed Generation Systems Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm October 2016
An overview of microgrid protection methods and the factors involved October 2016
Merging the retrieval of the protection coordination of distribution networks equipped with DGs in the process of their siting and sizing May 2016
A seven-state Markov model for determining the optimal operating mode of distributed generators May 2015
Optimal Sizing and Siting of DG Resources at 63kV/20kV Substations Considering the Effect of Earthquake on Technical and Economic Parameters December 2015
Presenting a new method for identifying fault location in microgrids, using harmonic impedance December 2015
Installing distributed generation units and capacitors simultaneously in a distribution system considering economic issues March 2014
Optimal sizing and siting distributed generation resources using a multiobjective algorithm May 2013
Conference Papers
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Detection of High Impedance Fault in DC Microgrid Using Impedance Prediction Technique December 2020
A New Method for the End-To-End Testing of Differential Relays January 2020
An Energy Variation-Based Method for Discrimination Between the Internal Fault and Inrush Current in Power Transformers January 2019
A New Method for Remote Testing Distance Relay Using Internet Protocol Version 4 January 2019
A Novel Approach for Detection High Impedance Fault in DC Microgrid December 2019
A Decentralized Adaptive Scheme for Protection Coordination of Microgrids Based on Team Working of Agents October 2018
The Use of Fault Current Limiters for Adaptive Protection of Distribution Networks Equipped with DGs January 2017
A New Approach for Optimal Allocation of Different Type of FCLs in Variable Distributed Generation Systems January 2017
Optimal Coordination of Directional Overcurrent Relays Considering the Impact of Distributed Generation using GA-ILP Summer 2016
Optimal placement and sizing of distributed generation sources considering network parameters and protection issues October 2014
Optimization of SMC parameters using PSO in a Full-Bridge DC-DC converter with inductive load August 2013
Determining the optimal capacity and place of DGs using GA algorithm: voltage profile improvement and loss reduction May 2011
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